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Standard Comfort Fit 18K Yellow Gold Band, 3mm, Size 6.5

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Manufacturer Amazon Curated Collection
Brand Amazon Collection
Model B001AEF2EY
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26 Jun 2017

Magnetic Jewelry Benefits

Magnetic jewelry is a unique product that you can find in many places, and they have been around for millennia. As far back as the ancient Greeks and even Egyptians, magnets have been used for medicinal and therapeutic treatments.

7 Jul 2017

Gift Ideas For Girlfriend Who Likes Fashion and Girly Things

Shopping for a great gift to give your girlfriend can be a bit frustrating if you don't know exactly what she likes.

26 Jun 2017

The Exteme Look Of Body Jewelry And Body Piercing Is Actually An Ancient One

Today, it seems that tattoos are overshadowing the many different ways people choose to decorate their body. For example, body jewelry has been an integral form of expression for every culture.

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