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A Buyer's Guide To Purchasing Certified Diamonds

Whether you're a man looking to find the perfect ring to propose or a woman treating yourself to a right hand ring or a fabulous pair of earrings, it's important to gain a little knowledge about diamonds before making a purchase. These beautiful stones can add fire and brilliance to your life as long as you know what to look for when buying them.

  • 7 Jul 2017

Are wedding bands supposed to match?

To Match or Not to Match that is Our Question

When many couples make the step to get married, they want to be of one heart, one mind, and one soul. Somewhere along the line many couples have taken the notion that this includes even the eternal signs and symbols of their undying love.

  • 4 Jul 2017
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11 Jul 2017
Posted By Ken P.

Choosing a Man's Wedding Band

Wedding bands are a symbol of a couples binding love. It was only after the second World War that men began wearing wedding bands as a way to show their commitment to their brides. This being said, men's wedding bands have been growing in popularity and styles. Jewelers are starting to make wedding bands which cater to men, more masculine and durable than ladies wedding rings.
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